What do sleeping cars look like in different countries of the world?

More recently, on an unusual page in the sleeping car of a Japanese train, the Japanese Embassy in Russia described on its Facebook page.
Inspired by bright photos of the Japanese reserved seat, we at Visa-support-to-russia.ru decided to find out what sleeping cars are used in different countries of the world. We share the results with you.


Japan boasts, perhaps, the most unusual «reserved seat» in the world. Two-story wagons zaseki (they are also nobi nobi) cruise as part of the train Sunrise Izumo.

Inside, the cars are carpeted and divided into small sections that resemble compartment shelves in Russian trains. They can not only sit, but also lie, stretched out to the full height. At night, the compartments are closed with curtains. It looks unusual, but very cool.

Zazaki are popular, as they are not charged extra for them, unlike in other categories.


The reserved seats in Thailand belong to the II class of comfort. They are of two types: when all the shelves on either side of the passage are side or just ordinary transverse shelves without side shelves.

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According to the degree of comfort, class II is ranked by the presence of an air conditioner or fan, and each compartment is closed with colored curtains.
And if you have problems with ordering bed linen, the guide will definitely help you.


In China, too, there is no shortage of people wishing to ride in a sleeping car. The car looks somewhat unusual. First, there are no «hotly loved» by many side sleeper (instead of them, folding seats at small tables). Secondly, the compartment consists not of two residential tiers, but of three.

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Not only the configuration and interior of the car seem to be close, but also separate entertainment in the Chinese «reserved seats».


Sleeping cars here are hopelessly losing to charter airlines, buses and simply express trains. And yet they are. The closest to the reserved seat is the car in the long-distance trains. They have comfortable coupes for 2 or 4 people.
But the main thing is that there are two-seat «side-cars» in the car. During the day, these are soft benches facing each other, and at night — couches one under the other. This is the cheapest place (not including sitting) in night trains. True, there are only 3 of them per wagon.

By the way, for fans of the romance of trains, there are other chips in Canadian cars. For example, a common living room with free fruit and biscuits or a panoramic dome that gives the opportunity to enjoy the scenery.


In Europe, the distances are small. Therefore night trains though are, but have a number of features. In them, as a rule, there are 3 categories of seats: sedentary (in a common car or in a 6-seater compartment), sleeping rooms without a bathroom (something in between a compartment and a reserved seat), and sleeping places in a compartment with a bathroom (analogue CB).


Perhaps the closest thing to a reserved seat is a 6-seater compartment with three levels of shelves and a folding table in between. Of course, the door closes at night, but the spirit of collectivism is hovering somewhere nearby.

In such cars students like to travel and simply groups of tourists. Sleeping cars with such places are on practically all night long-distance and international routes from Sweden to Portugal.


Rail transport is very popular in India. Not surprisingly, in a country with a large population, sleeping cars of a reserved type are in demand. They are equipped with shelves on both sides of the narrow passage.

Even in Class III cars, a hot dinner is usually included in the ticket price. But mattresses and underwear are not always provided. Despite the fact that the interior of other cars seems creepy, tourists often choose a railway to better know this amazing country.


The idea of ​​a car consisting of a 6-seater coupe without doors appeared before the 1917 revolution. In the Soviet era, when rail transport became the main, the distribution of wagons for 50-60 beds. Shelves in them were first wooden, and then semi-soft with dermatine upholstery. In this car, perhaps, every resident of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries of the former USSR traveled.

Today there are new wagons with modern air conditioners and toilets. «Romantics» of a reserved seat are often risked to test for themselves by foreigners, refusing a more comfortable aircraft in favor of traveling by train.